Sunday, July 19, 2009

Absorption and Interchange of Vital Force

In my early years, I was a student of occultism, both light and dark magic. One of the traditions associated with the dark side is the release of life force through sacrifice so that the energy is absorbed by the magician or directed into producing some magickal effect.

Some killers report a 'rush' as their victim dies in their presence and I often wonder if mass murderers, whether one person (Daumer, Gates, etc.) taking out a series of victims, or soldiers and politicians (Hitler, Pol Pot, etc.) who order mass killings, might gain some power which they could redirect to alter their reality and give them more power and control over others.

In the instances below, the purpose is for healing and rejuvenation of the older by sapping/absorbing the life/vital force of the younger.

KeelyNet"We know that it is healthy to live in an atmosphere filled with the restorative emanations given out by bodies young and full of vigor. We see in the third book of Kings that David lay with comely damsels to warm him and to give him a little strength.

According to Galen and others, Greek doctors had long recognized in the treatment of sundry consumptions, the advantage of making the patients take nourishment from the breast of young, healthy nurses; and experience had taught them that "the effect is not the same when the milk is given after being caught in a vessel."

Cappivaccius saved the heir of a great house in Italy fallen into marasmus (marasmus n. A progressive wasting of the body, occurring chiefly in young children and associated with insufficient intake or malabsorption of food.), by making him lie betwixt two vigorous young girls.

Forestus tells how a young Pole was cured of marasmus by spending the days and nights with a nurse of twenty years; and the effect of the remedy was as prompt as it was successful.

Finally, to bring this subject to an end, Boerhaave used to tell his disciples of having seen a German prince cured by this means, employed in the same way which had succeeded so well for Cappivaccius. There is not a housewife but knows that it is not good for a child to sleep with an aged person, though the latter enjoy perfect health.

If we seek for such a general instance of the influence of one human being on another as may seem like that mutual loss and gain and interchange of vital force, which is the principal wonder in mesmerism, we have only to look at the effects produced when young people sleep with old.

Since the days of King David it has been known that the latter are strengthened at the expense of the former... I was acquainted with an infirm old lady, who was so aware of the benefit that she derived from sleeping with young people, that, with a sort of horrid vampirism, she always obliged her maids to share her bed, thus successively destroying the health of several attendants.

Even among animals it has been found that the young cannot be too closely associated with the old without suffering detriment. Young horses standing in a stable with old ones become less healthy.

The celebrated German physiologist, Hufeland, has remarked the longevity of school masters, and he attributes it to their living so constantly amidst the healthy emanations of young persons."

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Boomerangs and Perpetual Motion Machines

The idea behind gravity driven perpetual motion machines is to achieve and sustain a continual over-balance so that one half of the weight on one side of the rotating wheel is always heavier than the half on the other side.

So I wondered if a boomerang type off-balanced weight might be adapted somehow to a gravity fed wheel?

"Some German scientists, seeking to discover the secret of the boomerang's curious flight, caused a party of Australian natives to give an exhibition of boomerang throwing at Munster.

The instruments used were of two sizes, the larger being a slender crescent about two feet long, two and a quarter inches wide, and a quarter of an inch thick, made of an extraordinary heavy Australian iron work.

This boomerang was jerked up into the air about 100 yards, when it flew straight away, then turned to the left and returned in a curved line back to the thrower, whirling around constantly and whizzing unpleasantly.

One badly directed projectile fell through a spectator's hat with a cut as clean as that of a razor.

A manufacturer, who has made some 11,000 toy boomerangs, believes that the mystery of shape lies in the sharper curvature in the middle, with unequal length of the two arms, which must be made of equal weight by unequal thickness.

The peculiarity of motion is due to the difference in the length of the arms, which diverges the curve of rotation from the circular."

KeelyNet"The short end of the boomerang stands up about 1 inch when the long end is lying flat on the table.

The length of the arms is in a ratio of 4:5. However, the long arm has to be exactly as heavy as the short one, so it must be somewhat thinner. The bend near the middle forms an angle of about 140 degrees.

It is especially important that the fibers of the wood have the same angle as the bend. If you saw or carve the boomerang out of a piece of wood in which the grain is perfectly straight, it will break when it hits.

Probably the most essential part of construction is giving the boomerang an angle to the wind. When the long arm is lying flat on the table, the short end should stand about 1 inch away from the table top."

Writing cast in Iron

Fascinating and worth trying today.

"A curious and noteworthy instance of foundry work is reported. It consisted of three plates of cast iron about one-fourth of an inch, and seven by five inches in surface, covered with writing indented in the iron.

The impression on the iron is made by writing on thin paper, pinning the paper in a mold and then pouring on the iron.

The writing thus transferred to the plates when the iron is cooled is wonderfully clear and distinct, and is so deeply imprinted as to defy any attempt at erasure."

What is the secret of Musk?

In alchemy, oil is the essence of life for all things. That includes organics and inorganics. You can actually extract the oil from gold, silver, etc. and use drops of it as medicine for treating a variety of symptoms.

"A tincture is a medicinal extract in an alcohol solution. The alcohol is used to extract and preserve the resins and other soluble material from the plant."

I have wondered what would happen if you took oil drops from a variety of precious metals to aid health and possibly produce rejuvenation/regeneration of the body.

Another form of tincture, according to my late alchemist friend Hans Nintzel, is when you prepare hot coffee or tea, you will find a very thin, oily film on the top of very still fluid in a cup. That is the tincture which is the released oil from the leaves.

Would that mean in the following puzzling claim, that the oil in the musk had not dissipated over those ten years?

I have also been told by people who claim to be able to transmute elements, that lead converted to gold will not be ductile or shiny since the oil that is impregnated in the natural generation process is not there. This alchemical gold is not only brittle but dull in color.

These same people claim that some companies check the metal to determine if it is natural or artificially made by checking these characteristics. They also say the way to get around it, is to mix natural gold with artificial gold so that the oil in the natural gold imbues some of its properties to the combined metal. And that this will fool the test equipment and not raise suspicions that the seller is a practicing (and successful) alchemist.

"A grain of musk has been kept freely exposed to the air of a room, of which the door and window were constantly open for ten years, during all which time the air,

though constantly change, was completely impregnated with the odor of musk,

and yet at the end of that time the particle was found not to have sensibly diminshed in weight."