Friday, May 22, 2009

Gilt Beards

There was a French Bible, printed at Paris in 1538, by Anthony Bonnemere, wherein is related;

"that the ashes of the golden calf which Moses caused to be burnt, and mixed with the water that was drank by the Israelites, stuck to the beards of such as has had fallen down before it; by which they appeared with gilt beards, as a peculiar mark to distinguish those which had worshipped the calf."

This idle story is actually interwoven with the 32nd Chapter of Exodus. And Bonnemere says, in his preface, this French Bible was printed in 1495, at the request of his most Christian Majesty Charles VIII; and declares further that the French translator;

"has added nothing but the genuine truths, according to the express terms of the Latin Bible; nor omitted anything but what was improper to be translated!"

So that we are to look upon this fiction of the gilded beards as matter of fact; and another of the same stamp, inserted in the chapter above mentioned, viz., that;

"Upon Aaron's refusing to make gods for the Israelites, they spat upon him with so much fury and violence that they quite suffocated him."

Odd Stone Burial Chambers

KeelyNet"The sketch represents a chamber which was discovered in a barrow, situated near Paradis, in the parish of the Vale, in the Island of Guernsey. On digging into the mound, a large flat stone was soon discovered; this formed the top, or cap-stone, of the tomb, and on removing it, the upper part of two human skulls were exposed to view.

One was facing the north, the other the south, but both disposed in a line from east to west. The chamber was filled up with earth mixed with limpet-shells, and as it was gradually removed, while the examination was proceeding downwards into the interior, the bones of the extremities became exposed to view, and were seen to greater advantage.

They were less decomposed than those of the upper part; and the teeth and jaws, which were well preserved, denoted that they were skeletons of adults, and not of old men.

The reason why the skeletons were found in this extraordinary position it is impossible to determine..."

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pearls from Britain?

Never knew this, I always thought pearls were from the ocean.

"The river Conway, in North Wales, was of considerable importance, even before the Roman invasion, for the pearl mussel (the Mya Margaritifera of Linnaeus) and Suetonious acknowledged that one of his inducements for undertaking the subjugation of Wales was the pearl fishery carried forward in that river.

According to Pliny, the mussels, called by the natives Kregindilin, were sought for with avidity by the Romans, and the pearls found within them were highly valued; in proof of which it is asserted that Julius Caesar dedicated a breastplate set with British pearls to Venus Genetrix, and placed it in her temple at Rome.

A fine specimen from the Conway is said to have been presented to Catherine, consort of Charles II, by Sir Richard Wynne, of Gwydir; and it is further said that it has since contributed to adorn the regal crown of England.

Lady Newborough possessed a good collection of the Conway pearls, which she purchased of those who were fortunate enough to find them, as there is no regular fishery at present.

The late Sir Robert Vaughan had obtained a sufficient number to appear at Court with a button and loop to his hat, formed of these beautiful productions, about the year 1780."

Instinct in a Cat

I love stories about animals helping to discover killers so this from an old book;

The following anecdote almost places the cat on a level with the dog;

"A physician of Lyons was requested to inquire into a murder that had been committed on a woman of that city. In consequence of this request he went to the habitation of the deceased, where he found her extended lifeless on the floor, weltering in her blood.

A large white cat was mounted on the cornice of a cupboard, at the far end of the apartment, where he seemed to have taken refuge. He sat motionless, with his eyes on the corpse, and his attitude and looks expressing horror and affright.

The following morning he was found in the same station and attitude, and when the room was filled with officers of justice, neither the clattering of the soldier's arms, nor the lout conversation of the company, could in the least divert his attention.

As soon, however, as the suspected persons were brought in, his eyes glared with increased fury, his hair bristled, he darted into the middle of the apartment, where he stopped for a moment to gaze at them, and then precipitately retreated under the bed.

The countenances of the assassins were disconcerted, and they were now, for the first time, abandoned by their atrocious audacity."

Sunday, May 17, 2009

More on the Devil as the cause for Civilization

I had posted the article about the Devil and Civilization to the KeelyNet Interact group and the response was about those who came AFTER the Garden of Eden to mould and influence humanity as it grew. Here is my response to those who missed the point;

"Yes, there is no question, at least in my view, that mankind has been influenced by beings with various purposes by the introduction of knowledge, science, art, etc...AFTER the garden.

My point was the causal effect allowed for all that FOLLOWED who took advantage of the new capacity of man once Adan and Eves minds had been expanded by the consumption of the Apple, thanks to the influence of the serpent.

A causal effect from which all else sprang, if we can believe any of it as true.

I've read that mankind has been kickstarted and destroyed by 'gods' many times in their quest to find the right mix of mind and body.

I'd never thought of this prior to reading the quoted article about the Ophites and why they believed as they did.

Today we have brain enhancing chemicals that boost cognition and intellect, so it is possible a chemistry laden fruit such as an apple might expand the minds of Adan and Eve simply by eating it.

So why would 'god' leave such a thing hanging around and just hope his two pets wouldn't try it?

I don't leave my shoes lying on the floor as a temptation for my puppy to 'find' a new chew toy.

There is a book about Jehovah and other 'gods' being rogue scientists with very long lifespans who originated from another star system...they came to biotinker the apes into versions of man, but the timeframes for their projects were too long, so they figured out how to basically immortalize themselves by rejuvenation techniques.

It was interesting that they tried chemical and cell manipulation, using injections that caused growth of extra organs, hands and feet on the wrong places on their body.

Biologist Jehovah realized the formation of the body was controlled and sustained by the energy field we call the aura....and that the mind could indirectly influence this aura....from this realization he developed a pre-sleep technique (where our bodies heal and regrow best, during sleep)...

where he would relax every part of his body, then do it again and envision his body as young and healthy. The claim in the book is when done properly, this envisioning technique reprograms the aura which slowly forces the physical body to grow to match the reprogrammed aura.

After this discovery and practical proof, they developed technology which would program their aura each night and during sleep so that the aura stayed locked into the desired pattern.

Much like the discovery of the L-Field of today by Dr. Harold Saxton Burr;

Anyway, other reports of 'gods' such as Zeus claim the ability to transform into did some 'god' transform into a talking snake solely to tempt Eve to eat the Apple?

What a mischief maker he/she must have been! From such a seemingly insignificant act, human civilization sprang...

And how long did Adam and Eve live in blissful ignorance in the garden before the serpent said screw this, we need to liven this joint up...hey you, yeah, lady....all these years and you've never tried that sweet red fruit, why not give it a shot?

I think I like the serpent...mischief is fun...

For those who seek to control the masses, the last thing they want is independent thought and action...

Often I wonder how many incredible inventions have been created and demonstrated in attempts by the inventor to get it to market...but big oil, pharmceuticals and even governments either buy it out and lock it away or put it under a national secrecy act OR threaten to kill the inventor, his/her family and friends...

No telling what is hidden away in that big warehouse the movies suggest is the location of the Ark of the Covenant (its really in the temple in Axun) or other fascinating objects.

So why can't remote viewers and psychics extract the tech details of these locked away things?

Imagine what a concentrated sponsored effort to find and recover this information could bring back to civilization.

One thing I see are tons of patents for interesting, proven devices but they never seem to be brought to market even though in my view they would definitely sell.

It would be a great project for one or more investors to fund a psychic recovery team to drag this lost/hidden information out of the swamps and back into the light."

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thank the Devil for Civilization

What would have happened to humanity if Eve had not eaten the apple in the Garden of Eden?

Would we still be wandering around naked, stupid and at the beck and call of our 'creator'?

KeelyNet"The Ophites were a sect who, like most Gnostics, regarded the Jehovah of the Old Testament with great abhorrence.

Regarding the emancipation of man from the power and control of Jehovah as the most important end, they considered the serpent who tempted Eve and introduced 'knowledge' and 'revolt' into the world, to have been the great benefactor of the human race.

They worshiped the serpent, and sought to engrapht Ophism upon Christianity by causing the bread designed for the Eucharistic sacrifice to be licked by a serpent which was kept in a cave for the purpose, and which the communicants kissed after receiving the Eucharist."

The very word hermetic means the hidden knowledge of magic, occult sciences, etc. Not only was the serpent worshipped by the ignorant pagans as "The Great Benefactor" for mankind, the serpent ironically enough was worshipped also as "The Great Enlightener."

What did Satan say to Adam and Eve besides, "Ye shall not surely die?"


So, Who's your Daddy???

Sleep Composition

We often hear of discoveries and solutions coming from dreams, so add these to the list;

"Condorcet is said to have attained the conclusion of some of his most abstruse, unfinished calculations in his dreams.

Franklin makes a similar admission concerning some of his political subjects which, in his waking moments, sorely puzzled him.

Sir J. Herschel is said to have composed the following lines in a dream;

'Throw thyself on thy God, nor mock Him with feeble denial;
Sure of His love, and, oh! sure of His mercy at last!
Bitter and deep though the draught, yet drain thou the cup of thy trial,
And in its healing effect, smile at the bitterness past.'

Goethe says in his 'Memoirs,' "The objects which had occupied my attention during the day often reappeared at night in connected dreams. On awakening, a new composition, or a portion of one I had already commenced, presented itself to my mind. In the morning I was accustomed to record my ideas on paper."

Coleridge composed his poem of the 'Abyssininian Maid' during a dream.

Something analogous to this is what Lord Cockburn says in his 'Life of Lord Jeffrey.' "He had a fancy that though he went to bed with his head stuffed with the names, dates and other details of various causes, they were all in order in the morning; which he accounted for by saying that during sleep 'they all crystallized round their proper centres.'"

Blunders of Painters

Artists sometimes play jokes by putting in peculiar objects in their works, so the following shows it is not a new trend.

"Tintore, an Italian painter, in a picture of the Children of Israel gathering manna, represents them armed with guns.

In Cignoli's painting of the circumsion of the infant Saviour, the aged Simeon has a pair of spectacles on his nose.

In a picture by Verrio of Christ healing the sick, the by-standers have periwigs on their heads.

A Dutch painter, in a picture of the Wise Men worshipping the Holy Child, has drawn one of them in a white surplice, and in boots and spurs, and he is in the act of presenting to the children a model of a Dutch man-of-war.

In a Dutch picture of Abraham offering up his son, instead of the patriarch "stretching forth and taking the knife," he is represented as holding a blunderbuss to Isaac's head.

Berlin represents in a picture the Virgin and Child listening to a violin.

A French artist, in a painting of the Lord's Supper, has the table ornamented with tumblers filled with cigar lighters.

Another French painting exhibits Adam and Eve in all their primeval simplicity, while near them, in full costume, is seen a hunter with a gun, shooting ducks."