Sunday, May 17, 2009

More on the Devil as the cause for Civilization

I had posted the article about the Devil and Civilization to the KeelyNet Interact group and the response was about those who came AFTER the Garden of Eden to mould and influence humanity as it grew. Here is my response to those who missed the point;

"Yes, there is no question, at least in my view, that mankind has been influenced by beings with various purposes by the introduction of knowledge, science, art, etc...AFTER the garden.

My point was the causal effect allowed for all that FOLLOWED who took advantage of the new capacity of man once Adan and Eves minds had been expanded by the consumption of the Apple, thanks to the influence of the serpent.

A causal effect from which all else sprang, if we can believe any of it as true.

I've read that mankind has been kickstarted and destroyed by 'gods' many times in their quest to find the right mix of mind and body.

I'd never thought of this prior to reading the quoted article about the Ophites and why they believed as they did.

Today we have brain enhancing chemicals that boost cognition and intellect, so it is possible a chemistry laden fruit such as an apple might expand the minds of Adan and Eve simply by eating it.

So why would 'god' leave such a thing hanging around and just hope his two pets wouldn't try it?

I don't leave my shoes lying on the floor as a temptation for my puppy to 'find' a new chew toy.

There is a book about Jehovah and other 'gods' being rogue scientists with very long lifespans who originated from another star system...they came to biotinker the apes into versions of man, but the timeframes for their projects were too long, so they figured out how to basically immortalize themselves by rejuvenation techniques.

It was interesting that they tried chemical and cell manipulation, using injections that caused growth of extra organs, hands and feet on the wrong places on their body.

Biologist Jehovah realized the formation of the body was controlled and sustained by the energy field we call the aura....and that the mind could indirectly influence this aura....from this realization he developed a pre-sleep technique (where our bodies heal and regrow best, during sleep)...

where he would relax every part of his body, then do it again and envision his body as young and healthy. The claim in the book is when done properly, this envisioning technique reprograms the aura which slowly forces the physical body to grow to match the reprogrammed aura.

After this discovery and practical proof, they developed technology which would program their aura each night and during sleep so that the aura stayed locked into the desired pattern.

Much like the discovery of the L-Field of today by Dr. Harold Saxton Burr;

Anyway, other reports of 'gods' such as Zeus claim the ability to transform into did some 'god' transform into a talking snake solely to tempt Eve to eat the Apple?

What a mischief maker he/she must have been! From such a seemingly insignificant act, human civilization sprang...

And how long did Adam and Eve live in blissful ignorance in the garden before the serpent said screw this, we need to liven this joint up...hey you, yeah, lady....all these years and you've never tried that sweet red fruit, why not give it a shot?

I think I like the serpent...mischief is fun...

For those who seek to control the masses, the last thing they want is independent thought and action...

Often I wonder how many incredible inventions have been created and demonstrated in attempts by the inventor to get it to market...but big oil, pharmceuticals and even governments either buy it out and lock it away or put it under a national secrecy act OR threaten to kill the inventor, his/her family and friends...

No telling what is hidden away in that big warehouse the movies suggest is the location of the Ark of the Covenant (its really in the temple in Axun) or other fascinating objects.

So why can't remote viewers and psychics extract the tech details of these locked away things?

Imagine what a concentrated sponsored effort to find and recover this information could bring back to civilization.

One thing I see are tons of patents for interesting, proven devices but they never seem to be brought to market even though in my view they would definitely sell.

It would be a great project for one or more investors to fund a psychic recovery team to drag this lost/hidden information out of the swamps and back into the light."

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