Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Blunders of Painters

Artists sometimes play jokes by putting in peculiar objects in their works, so the following shows it is not a new trend.

"Tintore, an Italian painter, in a picture of the Children of Israel gathering manna, represents them armed with guns.

In Cignoli's painting of the circumsion of the infant Saviour, the aged Simeon has a pair of spectacles on his nose.

In a picture by Verrio of Christ healing the sick, the by-standers have periwigs on their heads.

A Dutch painter, in a picture of the Wise Men worshipping the Holy Child, has drawn one of them in a white surplice, and in boots and spurs, and he is in the act of presenting to the children a model of a Dutch man-of-war.

In a Dutch picture of Abraham offering up his son, instead of the patriarch "stretching forth and taking the knife," he is represented as holding a blunderbuss to Isaac's head.

Berlin represents in a picture the Virgin and Child listening to a violin.

A French artist, in a painting of the Lord's Supper, has the table ornamented with tumblers filled with cigar lighters.

Another French painting exhibits Adam and Eve in all their primeval simplicity, while near them, in full costume, is seen a hunter with a gun, shooting ducks."

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