Thursday, April 23, 2009

Monkey Vengeance

I love the idea of people using animals to take revenge on their enemies. In Japan and India, monkeys are revered and allowed to do as they wish. This old article is a perfect example of 'Who, ME?';

KeelyNet"Monkeys in India are more or less objects of superstitious reverence, and are, consequently, seldom or ever destroyed. In some places they are even fed, encouraged, and allowed to live on the roofs of the houses.

If a man wished to revenge himself for any injury committed upon him, he has only to sprinkle some rice or corn upon the top of his enemy's house, or granary, just before the rains set in, and the monkeys will assemble upon it, eat all they can find outside, and then pull off the tiles to get at that which falls through the crevices.

This, of course, gives access to the torrents which fall in such countries, and house, furniture, and stores are all ruined."

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