Friday, April 17, 2009

Losing weight by restricting intake

A diet that makes sense from an old book;

"A gentleman, of great respectability in the mercantile world, who weighed thirty-two stone nine pounds, put himself upon a strict diet of four ounces of animal food, six ounces of bread, and two pounds of liquid, in twenty-four hours.

In one week he lost thirty pounds weight, and in six months he was diminished the astonishing quantity of one hundred and thirty pounds. His health and spirits were much improved, and considering his remaining size of twenty-three stone, he was very active."

I think by animal food he just means meat but no specifics.

A stone is about 14 pounds so initially he was 32 X 14 = 448 + 9 = 457 pounds.

At the end of the ariticle he weighed 23 X 14 = 322 pounds.

So he lost 135 pounds. Not too shabby.

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