Friday, April 17, 2009

Real Life Benjamin Button

Wonderful movie though very bizarre so it was surprising to find this historical tidbit with a similar story...born old;

KeelyNet"Margaret Krasiowna, of the village of Koninia, Poland, died 1763, aged 108. The following extraordinary circumstances are stated, by Eaton, as connected with the life of this woman: 'At the age of ninety-four she married her third husband, Gaspard Raycolt, of the village of Ciwouszin, then aged one hundred and five.

During the fourteen years they lived together she brought him two boys and a girl; and, what is very remarkable, these three children, from their very birth, bore evident marks of the old age of their parents-their hair being grey, and a vacuity appearing in their gums, like that which is occasioned by the loss of teeth, though they never had any.

They had not strength enough, even as they grew up, to chew solid food, but lived on bread and vegetables, they were of a proper size for their age, but their backs were bent, their complexions sallow, with all the other external symptoms of decrepitude.'

'Though most of the particulars', he adds, 'may appear fabulous, they are certified by the parish registers. The village of Ciwouszin is in the district of Stenzick, in the palatinate of Sendonier. Gaspard Raycolt, the father, died soon after, aged 119."

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