Friday, April 17, 2009

Another take on Spontaneous Generation

There is a phenomenon where fish bearing lakes and ponds dry up, leaving only cracked, dusty earth with no moisture. Yet when water returns to refill these reservoirs, so too do the fish.

One of the claims is that fish eggs are buried deeply underground where there might be sufficient moisture to keep them fertile, just waiting for the waters to return.

I happened on this alternate version which could also explain it;

"It is generally well known that birds are very active agents in the extension of vegetation, and that fruit and flowers are, to a great extent, rendered prolific by the insects which visit their blossoms; but few people are aware of the means through which fish are formed in lakes and ponds, which are not connected with other waters.

Here, also, an insect is the principal agent. The large water-beetle, which is in the habit of feeding upon the spawn of fish, occasionally in the evening climbs up the stems of rushes, etc. out of the water, sufficiently high to enable it to take wing; in these circumstances it has been caught, and putting it into water, has been found to give out the spawn with which it had gorged itself previous to taking flight, both in a digested and undigested state; so that, on trial, it has been found that it produced fish of various kinds."

In one of my very favorite and most inspiring old books, 'The Annotated Dweller on Two Planets', which I just happen to sell as a downloadable ebook for $6.00, there is a wealth of claims about ancient civilizations with incredible inventions. One of these is the vailx, a flying ship claimed to be very common at the time.

KeelyNetThe book is quite fascinating and would make an excellent movie. It is a wonderfully explicit illustrated science fantasy written in 1883-1884. It describes many fascinating concepts including the NAVAZ force which today we call aether/zpe, how transmutation was done, sound and video broadcasting, curing criminals with magnetic fields, 'praying' matter into existence, altering matter with concentrated thought, the VAILX flying cylinders, condensing gallons of water from the air using the NAVAZ force and a wealth of other material that you will correlate to modern discoveries.

Cryptic comments such as, 'Night is as pregnant as day', 'NAVAZ the night-side of nature', 'repulsion by levitation', 'vibration of the One Substance' and 'treasures of the hail (cold)'. Also included is a missing chapter explaining how matter is 'tuned' to lockin and become the different elements as well as additional supporting material. - 315 page eBook - $6.00

As these vailx airships traversed the earth, the book says it was common practice for the passengers to throw out seeds of many plants as an offering to Zania, goddess of the harvest, so that plants not native to a region could be spread the more easily.

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