Thursday, April 2, 2009

Do Not Send Teabags, Only the Labels

From the Glen Beck Interview

“Bob Basso became a viral sensation in March of 2009 when his two YouTube videos depicting the intellectual British pamphlet writer Thomas Paine garnered over three million viewers. The videos are in response to the banking bailouts, and feature Basso dressed as Common Sense writer Thomas Paine. He offers his political commentary via discussions on the stimulus package and calls for a second American Revolution.

KeelyNetNote: Basso says he was contacted by Congressional Security and told they were so far inundated by teabags which they are throwing in the trash unopened for fear of poisons or controlled substances…

So he says DO NOT SEND A COMPLETE TEABAG, just send the paper handle (label) part so they will get the message. You can also inundate the White house with a Toll Free Call to 1-866-340-9281 which is the Congressional Switchboard that will patch you to your representatives.”

and check out these inspiring videos urging a 2nd American Revolution.

You can send your teabag labels and correspondence to;


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