Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What is the Secret in the Thighs?

Today there is much research done in the field of stem cells which act as undifferentiated tissue to match the form of surrounding tissues and grow new healthy tissue. So this peculiar comment caught my attention;

"Bridget Behan, of Castle-waller, in the county of Wicklow, Ireland, retained the use of all her powers of body and mind to the close of her long life, 110 years, in 1807. About six years preceding her death she fell down stairs, and broke one of her thighs.

Contrary to all expectation, she not only recovered from the effects of the accident, but actually, from thence, walked stronger on this leg, which, previously to the accident, had been a little failing than she had done for many years before.

Another remarkable circumstance relating to this fracture was, that she became perfectly cured of a chronic rheumatism of long standing, and from which on particular occasion she had suffered a good deal of affliction. A short while before her death she cut a new tooth."

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