Friday, April 17, 2009

The Telepathic Nose

There are researchers who claim body parts, though separated, remain connected over distance...unlimited distance. But as the tissues decay, the link is quenched. This article caught my interest;

KeelyNet"Van Helmont tells a story, of a person who applied to Taliacotius to have his nose restored. This person, have a dread of an incision being made in his own arm, for the purpose of removing enough skin therefrom for a nose, got a labourer, who, for a remuneration, suffered the skin for the nose to be taken from his arm.

About thirteen months after, the adscitious nose suddenly became cold, and, after a few days, dropped off, in a state of putrefaction.

The cause of this unexpected occurrence having been investigated, it was discovered that, at the same moment in which the nose grew cold, the labourer at Bologna expired."

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