Thursday, April 23, 2009

Faith and Mob-Wisdom

I've seen a quote, "Public opinion is but the average stupidity of mankind." This has never been so well proven as the cult following for the current president. So I found an analogous story;

"A singular instance of a mob cheating themselves by their own headlong impetuosity, is to be found in the life of Woodward, the comedian.

On one occasion, when he was in Dublin, and lodged opposite the Parliament House, a mob who were making the members swear to oppose an unpopular bill, called out to his family to throw them a Bible out of the window.

Mr. W. was frightened, for they had no such book in the house, but he threw out a volume of Shakespeare, telling the mob they were welcome to it.

They gave him three cheers, swore the members upon this book, and afterwards returned it without discovering its contents."

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