Thursday, July 9, 2009

What is the secret of Musk?

In alchemy, oil is the essence of life for all things. That includes organics and inorganics. You can actually extract the oil from gold, silver, etc. and use drops of it as medicine for treating a variety of symptoms.

"A tincture is a medicinal extract in an alcohol solution. The alcohol is used to extract and preserve the resins and other soluble material from the plant."

I have wondered what would happen if you took oil drops from a variety of precious metals to aid health and possibly produce rejuvenation/regeneration of the body.

Another form of tincture, according to my late alchemist friend Hans Nintzel, is when you prepare hot coffee or tea, you will find a very thin, oily film on the top of very still fluid in a cup. That is the tincture which is the released oil from the leaves.

Would that mean in the following puzzling claim, that the oil in the musk had not dissipated over those ten years?

I have also been told by people who claim to be able to transmute elements, that lead converted to gold will not be ductile or shiny since the oil that is impregnated in the natural generation process is not there. This alchemical gold is not only brittle but dull in color.

These same people claim that some companies check the metal to determine if it is natural or artificially made by checking these characteristics. They also say the way to get around it, is to mix natural gold with artificial gold so that the oil in the natural gold imbues some of its properties to the combined metal. And that this will fool the test equipment and not raise suspicions that the seller is a practicing (and successful) alchemist.

"A grain of musk has been kept freely exposed to the air of a room, of which the door and window were constantly open for ten years, during all which time the air,

though constantly change, was completely impregnated with the odor of musk,

and yet at the end of that time the particle was found not to have sensibly diminshed in weight."

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