Saturday, September 26, 2009

Whipping Toads to produce Rain

"At one time the natives of Venezuela worshipped toads. They regarded the toad as "the lord of the waters," and treated it with much reverence; though, as has been the case with other idolaters, they were ready, in times of difficulty, to compel favorable hearing from their pretended deities.

They whipped their imprisoned toads with little switches when there was a scarcity of provisions and a want of rain."

In a similar vein, I don't know how christian believers can ignore the command to not worship images...and yet there are statues of the Virgin, dolls of the virgin, Jesus, the Saints, etc. who people worship and revere despite what their very bible instructs them not to do....

it's the cafeteria believer syndrome where they pick and choose what they wish to believe and practice. If people practiced ALL that the Bible taught the world would be outraged, same for the Muslims and others with so-called 'holy' books full of teachings containing a mix of hate, death, love and respect for their followers to carry out.

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