Saturday, October 9, 2010

Worms & Roaches cause Cancer?

Odd Factoids

This ties in well with the claims of Dr. Hulda Clark.

According to Clark, all disease is caused by foreign organisms and pollutants that damage the immune system. She asserted that eliminating parasites, bacteria and viruses from the body using herbal remedies or electrocution while removing pollutants from the diet and the environment would cure all diseases.

In her book The Cure For All Cancers, Clark postulated that all cancers are caused by the flatworm Fasciolopsis buski. However, this worm does not live in the USA and Europe but mainly in India, parts of China, Vietnam and other east-Asian countries, and only in rural areas where people are eating unboiled food from water plants, or where pigs live close to humans.

She also said that HIV is a worm virus and that the worm is responsible for AIDS: "I find it (F. buski) in every case of HIV, Alzheimer's disease. Without this parasite you can't get HIV."[citation needed] According to Clark, depression is caused by hookworms.

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