Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Birdseed for muscle pain

I'm thinking its a waste to copy entire items between the KeelyNet Blog and this Odd Factoid block, so instead I'll take turns with the URLS for whichever blog has the whole story...it will save me time and you only have one click (or not) to read if you are interested in it.

Can't do that with KeelyNet since I don't have each item as a separate webpage and thus a separate URL, so its just between the blogs.

"...he said he had sore muscles every now and then but had visited Jorgina in a local sports store and she told him to buy some birdseed, the kind you feed to canaries and make a tea to drink or a poultice to rub on the sore muscle. He said he made a poultice, applied it and the muscle pain went away in a short time…" - Source

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