Thursday, March 26, 2009

Reverse Terrorism tactic

On the news a week or so back, (don't recall the URL), some scientist says in future terrorists might infect insects like mosquitos with some toxin or virus and spread them by the billions to randomly infect their targets.

So, with regard to controlling mosquito populations, why not make something that mosquitos will be attracted to...some kind of fake blood where they would stick their little suckers into a saturated sponge, drink up and die minutes later.

Instead of just repelling them, kill them.

Did a simple search and found this about Terrorists could use ‘insect-based’ biological weapon;

"Jeffrey Lockwood, professor of entomology at Wyoming University and author of Six-legged Soldiers: Using Insects as Weapons of War, said such Rift Valley Fever or other diseases could be transported into a country by a terrorist with a suitcase.

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “I think a small terrorist cell could very easily develop an insect-based weapon.”

He continued: “It would be a relatively easy and simple process.

“A few hundred dollars and a plane ticket and you could have a pretty good stab at it.”

Governments, he advised, needed to have robust “pest management infrastructure that’s able to absorb and respond to an introduction” of infected insects, he said."

Does it seem like I am enamoured of skeeters? Not really, not in the least, just happen to find articles or have thoughts regarding them. Here in central Mexico our rainy season doesn't begin til mid May and run til mid October, thats when we get skeeters.

I read that skeeters don't like sprayed Listerine which I tried last year with some success, but this year I'm trying a plugin vapor strip in addition to my insect zapper light. Here they have coils that you light and they put off fumes but they are really bad for your lungs so I don't use them.

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