Sunday, March 22, 2009

Evil Eye, Telekinesis and Eyebeams

All those times we read about where one can actually FEEL when someone is looking at us, now apparently proven with equipment.

What if these newly discovered eyebeams can be used as verification of the evil eye which is used to intentionally (or not) transmit sickness or a curse to a victim by a person envious, jealous, or covetous and who wishes their victim misfortune? The evil eye is used by a person seeking to harm you, your children, your livestock, or your fruit trees, etc. simply by looking at them.

Additionally, through eyebeams, we might be able to extend the influence of our mind through psychokinesis, to exert sufficient mental force to move objects or to produce telekinetic effects in the form of movement of objects, however tiny (a grain of salt or air molecules to create wind) or even a large object such as an automobile, building, or bridge.

KeelyNet"Noted psychiatrist and author Colin A. Ross, M.D., today announced his patent application for a system to detect the electromagnetic energy emitted by the human eye.

Dr. Ross has been researching a new science and medicine focused on the human body's electromagnetic field, which will be detailed in an upcoming book, "Human Energy Fields." In his research, Dr. Ross has discovered proof that the eye emits electromagnetic energy that he calls an "eyebeam."

He calls his invention an Electromagnetic Beam Detection System for which he has filed an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. "The experimental proof of the reality of the human eyebeam is crucial in developing the science of human energy fields," said Dr. Ross.

"The existence of the human eyebeam has been dismissed by psychologists, physiologists, physicists and virtually all modern scientists. This represents a big step forward." According to Dr. Ross' application, the electromagnetic beam detection system can be used as a switch and can turn on or off any electrical device. It functions like a clapper light, but uses the electromagnetic energy emitted through the eyes instead of the sound of a hand clapping.

Dr. Ross has sent the link for the U.S. Patent Office application to James Randi ( and is waiting to hear from him about the status of his $1 Million Paranormal Challenge, in which he claims that he can make a tone sound out of a computer using a beam of energy he sends out through his eyes. Dr. Ross' proposed Challenge protocol is available on his web site ( / Dr. Ross' patent application for the EBDS can be viewed at: Click on: Publication Number Search Enter: 20090046246" - Source

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