Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Quest for Practical Gravity Control

Quite simply, Gravity is NOT a pull, Gravity is a PUSH from the zero point energy field into mass.

Think of it as bubbles under water where the water is pressing on the bubble trying to implode it.

wirescreenIn the case of matter, zero point energy pushes into the neutral centers of mass to not only create it but also give it materiality.

We are held to the planet like wind pushing flies against a wirescreen.

As zero point energy flows into the neutral centres of mass, the effect of gravity and weight are produced. We can RESTRICT this flow using technology to reduce and even cancel 'weight'.

I am seeking funding to re-discover how to control the flow of gravity into local mass to produce weight reduction for practical use, based on my own discoveries of gravity and how it works. Make me an offer. - Source

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