Saturday, March 21, 2009

Odd Tide Theory

KeelyNetAnother peculiar idea that might have merit, so how can we put something like this into practical use on a smaller scale?

It reminds me of the 'butterfly effect' claimed by David Hamel where he says off balance magnets will continually try to find equilibrium and in the process move forever.

Mr. W. Martin, the inventor of a supposed perpetual motion machine, has proposed the following ingenious hypothesis, respecting the cause of the ebbing and flowing of the tide. When a boy, he says, he used to amuse himself by blowing up a pea upon the end of a tobacco-pipe; and he observed, that while the pea performed its revolutions around the end of the pipe, it also oscillated, in some degree, like a small pendulum. KeelyNetHe concludes that this circumstance will sufficiently account for the ebbing and flowing of the tide in the following manner: As the earth goes round once in twenty-four hours, and makes four vibrations in that time, floating upon the atmospheric air similiar to the pea upon the end of the tobacco-pipe, and being influenced by the north and south poles, cannot find a resting-place, it is thereby made to vibrate like a pendulum, which causes the tides to flow at regular periods. Were there no moon, says Mr. Martin, the tides would still continue regularly to ebb and flow, only with this difference, that there would be no spring tides.

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